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Children in the salon?

If they are cool, so are we. Seriously, they have to be chilled out in the salon.

Do you accept checks?

Sorry, we do not accept checks.

How do I submit an application?

Please send your resume to

Circumstances that will increase the cost of your color or haircut service.

  • Price quoted for highlights is for 1 color i.e. bleach, additional colors or lowlights start at $12.00

  • Price quoted for color is for a standard 1/2 inch of new growth. If you have not had your color touched up in over 6 weeks, are diving into color for the first time or are wanting to change your color additional additional product usage charges will apply. Please discuss any concerns about additional color charges with your stylist.

  • If a toner is needed to achieve the desired result they start at $21.00 depending on the amount of product needed.

  • If you have an excessive amount of hair (Lucky you) we will need to use extra color on your hair and additional color charges will apply.

  • Price quoted for haircuts is for a 1 hour service. If your hair requires more time we will need to charge accordingly.​

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